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Save Big as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer View the Top 5 Motorcycle Synthetic Oil. Free 2-Day Shipping & Free Returns. Our Research Has Helped Over 200 Million Users Find the Best Products REVENOL Fork Oil is fully synthetic based on ester oil that is specially designed for motorcycle, UTV, ATV, snowmobile. It provides high-performance forks and shock. Its high stable viscosity index provides excellent air suspension and separation behavior at a time of high racing

The Maxima 55901 10WT Standard is arguably the best motorcycle fork oil because of its unique formulation. It comes fortified with high caliber additives and base oils. As a result, the Maxima 55901 is highly effective in tackling oxidation, foaming, and stiction issues there is no best fork oil,is like asking for the best bike....very subjective. all three manufactures are producing high quality oils silkolene's expensive series PRO RSF is the oil that makes the difference for me and my bikes expensive but i'm pushing my bikes and as a heavy rider i like that the actual viscosity of PRO RSF is higher Fork Oil. ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Lucas Oil Products 16 Ounce Motorcycle Fork Oil. 4.7. (3) Select a store to see pricing & availability. Search for a store page input 3. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select

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The logic applied here is that a good fork oil should have a VI rating of at least 150. QUESTION SEVEN: WHY DOES MY FORK OIL HAVE A WEIGHT? Consumers like to shop for oil by weight. So, the motorcycle industry took the SSU/VI measurement and converted it to weights based on the same scale used by the SAE The hot suspension consistancy of the Statoil made-for-öhlins oil is awesome. Depending on rider weight and what your man wants, the 5 is perfect for pretty much any normal sized rider, the 10 for more er, enrobed riders, and the 2.5 for those must test Winter nearly-snowing type sessions Posted December 29, 2020 (edited) Most guys only replace fork seals and fork oil once a year, if that. Just spend the extra on light weight motorcycle suspension fluid (5wt) and SKF seals and wipers or OEM, if you can afford the European seals. Edited December 29, 2020 by Swappa. 1 By the way, if you use Dexron ATF in place of Fork Oil, the ATF is highly detergent, by itself. You could just fill them with ATF, run the bike for a week, then drain, and fill again. The ATF is around 7 Weight, for viscosity. Even if you want Fork Oil, use the ATF for one week, to clean them out internally. You may want to flush them with Fork. Damping rod forks typically use a heavier grade fluid of around SAE20 which in fact is in the range of most regular ATF's (not the LV variety) than the cartridge types which require like 5-10. That's the biggest factor

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Fork Oil. Motorcycle fork oil should be changed according to the manufacturer specifications, which is usually every 1-2 years. Bikes that are ridden hard or off road may need to be changed earlier. A good fork oil will have a high viscosity and have high performing anti-foaming additives Kawasaki Motorcycle Forums. Vintage Motorcyle Info. The Best Fork Oil. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. S. statorhed · Registered. Joined Apr 25, 2013 · 8 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · May 20, 2018. I have a 1984 Kawasaki Gpz 1100 with anti dive forks ..

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  1. eral oils are the best motorcycle oils
  2. For example a Pulsar could use a less viscous oil while the Hayabusa will need a highly viscous oil to balance that load of the heavy front fairing and engine. The Fork oil has its own SAE grading which ranges in the multiples of 5 (e.g. 5WT, 10WT, 15WT, 20WT). Higher the number, the better the load carrying capacity of that fork oil
  3. Posted May 3, 2015. Best stiction reduction that I know of are OEM seals. . I add a bunch of dry film Teflon lube in the seal area. Also with the seals out check everything for free movement, I had harshness in a set of forks and tracked it down to slight binding at mid stroke in one of the cartridges
  4. Motorcycle Fork Oil & Shock Fluid Shop for Oil and Chemicals at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. In addition to Oil and Chemicals, browse our full selection of Parts & Accessories. We offer the best customer service in the industry
  5. Maxima 55901 10WT Standard Hydraulic Fork Oil - 1 Liter Bottle , BLACK. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 1,154. $15.95. $15. . 95. Get it as soon as Tue, Jun 8. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  6. www.DaveMossTuning.comChoices choices choices. 5 weight, 7.5 weight, 10 weight. Some is blue, some red, some green. Sheesh. Fork oil needs to be changed.
  7. If you're looking for the best fork oil for motorcycles, J&P has a wide range of options in natural or synthetic so you'll find the proper front fork oil for motorcycles that meets your manufacturer's guidelines. We only carry top brands like Maxima, Redline, MOTUL, PJ1, and Silkolene

45-55mm Universal Fork Seal Cleaner Shock Absorber Oil Seal Plastic Cleaning Tool For Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki CRF CR YZF SX EXC RMZ KXF 125 250 300 350 400 450 Motorcycle Dirt Bike Red. 4.1 out of 5 stars 14. $13.99$13.99 Sale 20% Off! Pro Honda Fork 01M / Rear Shock K2C Oil KYB. $32. . 03. $40.04. Sale 20% Off! Kawasaki G15 Fork Oil

Fork Oil affects dampening and heavier fork oil is going to flow slower. Therefore the forks move slower. Lighter fork oil will obviously allow quicker fork response. I like to think of it this way. Without fork oil, the forks will act like a toy POGO Stick. You will bounce down the highway. With fork oil you ride is much smoother Ultimately, the best oil is the one that's changed regularly, and that meets the requirements set out by the bike manufacturer (a fully-synthetic oil is not always the best for your bike). There's no point in buying an oil that has a higher specification (viscosity, API or JASO rating) than is required, but the more expensive oils will most. 2001 Fork Oil Seals For Honda CB 600 FS-1 Hornet, Fits Honda CB 600 FS-1 Hornet 2001 (0600 CC) - Fork Oil Seals,Fast shipping and low prices,satisfaction guaranteed,Best prices,Great Quality at Low Prices,Dealighted People Powered Shopping. 600 FS-1 Hornet 2001 Fork Oil Seals For Honda CB, Fork Oil Seals For Honda CB 600 FS-1 Hornet 2001 Before putting it all in, pump the forks up and down to circulate the oil throughout and remove any air trapped. Now, refer to the second measurement which will say how far from the top of the fork the oil should sit. The best way to do this is using a fork oil measuring gauge which is simply a syringe with some flexible and fixed tubing

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An oil change is a simple job, but if you're going to do it then do it properly. Replace your oil filter at the same time and consider a new set of spark plugs too for the maximum impact - all from local Halfords store , of course. We don't just stock motorcycle engine oils. We also have a range of luxury lubricants for your brakes, forks. Quality motorcycle front fork seals keep fork oil in and dust and debris out, and you'll want to check these elements as part of your yearly inspection. J&P Cycles stocks the best motorcycle fork seals money can buy from elite brands like BikeMaster, Biker's Choice, Genuine James Gaskets, J&P Cycles, Leak Proof, V-Twin Manufacturing and more Motorcycle fork oil weight chart mixing to get the right what wt are you using 20 which is best smith allan limitless honda sae 10w lucas light 5w synthetic oils xbhp com so changed Motorcycle Fork Oil Weight Chart Grades Motorcycle Fork Oil Weight Chart Grades Mixing Fork Oil To Get The Right Viscosity Howto Adventure Read More This is the wBW Motorcycle oil page, with information about motorcycle oil, motorcycle oil filters, fork oil, gear oil, spline lubes, chain lubes and more! wBW Motorcycle Chain Lube Comparison Reviews All wBW Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews Motorcycle Oil Flo Reusable SS Oil Filte The goal of cartridge forks is to make damping more linear, proportional to velocity rather than the square of velocity. Cartridge motorcycle fork legs carry a small cylinder that is, basically, a little shock absorber. This little cylinder inside the leg is the cartridge. It sits in the fork oil. A piston slides through the cartridge and.

The 55901 fork oil is one of those and like the others, is quite popular. It has one of the best ratings you can find on any motorcycle oils. It's grade is 10W and preferred by many Harley owners. Maxima has added Lubricinol inside the oil to reduce friction on the forks The gist is that the stated SAE weights are meaningless when comparing different brands of fluids, e.g., Castrol Fork Oil (10 wt) is actually lighter than Spectro Fork Oil (5 wt). Centistokes (cSt)is the accurate unit of viscosity measurement, and the link, above, has an awesome chart displaying cSt's for quite a few brands Points to consider when looking for fork oil. 1) No standard viscosity - Your engine manufacturer recommends a specific viscosity of motor oil for best protection and performance. In the world of shocks, there are no universal viscosity requirements or recommendations. Each shock oil manufacturer is free to formulate its oils to whatever.

Joined Jun 5, 2007. ·. 1,561 Posts. #3 · Dec 11, 2011. use a 50/50 mix of belray 10wt and 15wt fork oil, works great for me (I'm 220-230 lbs) N Trying to find out which fork oil is best to use (and why): HD Type E? HD Screamin Eagle Performance Heavy? HD Screamin Eagle Racing Extra Heavy? or does it really matter that much? Bike is an '04 FLHRCI with the OEM Showa front forks. Used in warmer climates Lube with bath oil identical to original. Cycle fork/shock a few times, wipe, and make sure it's *nearly* dry before riding. You won't manage to get any lube in the lowers, this only lubes the wipers. Best case scenario-perform bath service every couple months during peak season(it's easy!). That's assuming you're riding plenty The exact amount of fork oil you need will depend on whether you are just changing the oil or you have disassembled the forks and are filling them from dry. If you are just changing the oil, the best idea is to measure how much oil you drain from each side, and start with that much on the make-up. If dry, then add the amount shown in the.

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  1. g Eagle Fork Oil when I was in there the other day. From the link you provided Jack, that would provide even a more stiff ride to the 'B' oil. Is this correct? cmvsm, Nov 23, 2010 #4. 2006FXDCI Active Member. 182 28 1
  2. The simplest way to add oil to a fork is with a graduated syringe that has a tip on it small enough to fit in the air-bleed screw on the fork cap. Use the graduated scale to siphon 10cc of fork.
  3. 10W for use in cartridge or conventional damper-rod forks (Ohlins Part# 01314-01) Note: Please check your Ohlins' instruction and/or manual for your recommended fork oil. Product Style. RevZilla Item #. MFR. Product #. Availability. Product Style 5W / 1 Liter. RevZilla Item # 1246177
  4. Shop the best {0} for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a RPM Membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Harley-Davidson Fork Oil & motorcycle parts.
  5. Fork oil lubricates a motorcycle's fork tubes to slow down wear and corrosion. It also helps with the heat and friction generated from the constant movement of the tubes. The dampening system in the fork has a rod and a number of valves that allow the fork oil to travel through, impacting both the compression and the rebound
  6. Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil 15 W. Fork Oil. 53. 7.50. 103. Mineral. Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil 20 W. Fork Oil. 73.5
  7. Check your owner's manual for the proper mix ratio. O'Reilly Auto Parts stocks a variety of motor oils so you can choose the best motorcycle oil for your needs. We also stock fork oil, gear oil, brake pads and more to keep you bike on the road. Check out our selection of motorcycle parts and fluids. Show Less

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10w40 engine oil is a 4-stroke engine oil designed to lubricate the moving parts. You can buy it for generic applications (cars, motorcycles and other engines) and also motorcycle-specific oil. The numbers and letters refer to the oil's viscosity. That is to say it's thickness. 10w40 is just one type you can buy, you can buy many others. The oil in your fork loses lubricity, gets dirty, and should be changed every 10,000 miles or once a year. Here's the quickest way to do it—and, yes, we know there's a better way to do a. This high performance synthetic Fork Oil provides more responsive handling and is compatible in all systems, including damping rods, cartridge, bladder, conventional and inverted forks. This high performance synthetic Fork Oil provides more responsive handling and is compatible in all systems, inclu.. Re: Motorcycle Fork Oils I did not like HP Enklo 68 oil, it is too much viscous and gives too much damping, resulting in hard suspension. Removed it and put Bajaj Fork oil, it is bsically manufactured by HP and packaged for Bajaj, with bajaj branding, just like bajaj dts-i oil

Best Motorcycle Chain Lube Pricing. Under $20: Most spray, liquid, and paste chain lube products fall into this category, with a few even making it in under $10. $20 and up: Some highly. Synthetic Fork Oil. This high performance synthetic Fork Oil provides more responsive handling and is compatible in all systems, including damping rods, cartridge, bladder, conventional and inverted forks. Yes, you can order our Lucas Oil Motorcycle products from JR's Contraptions and Cycle Solutions Shop for Motorcycle Fork Oil in Motorcycle Accessories. Buy products such as OEM Arctic Cat 4639-366 Shock Oil 1 U.S. Qt .946 L NOS at Walmart and save

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  2. Liqui Moly Motorcycle Fork Oil. From £10.00 INC VATFrom £8.33 EX VAT. Klarna available on baskets over £99. Ohlins Front Fork Fluid. £30.89 INC VAT£25.74 EX VAT. Klarna available on baskets over £99. Rock Oil SVI High Performance Fork Oil. From £7.99 INC VATFrom £6.66 EX VAT. Klarna available on baskets over £99
  3. Add fork oil. Your goal is to have 160mm from top of oil level inside fork, to top of fork tube while fork is collapsed, and empty of spring and spacer. Add oil while Taking a guess at that measurement. Work fork for a bit to work out air bubbles when that is achieved by the lack of squishing sound, dial in your measurement
  4. The fork seals in your motorcycle's telescopic forks are crucial for preventing leaks of damping oil. Over time they also wear and need replacement, which can lead to a loss of damping, in turn affecting your bike's front suspension effectiveness. Replacing seals can be difficult but it's made much easier with the use of a tool such as this
  5. Maxima Fork Oil$5.99 - $8.99$6.49 - $9.99 You save up to 10% Bel-Ray® High Performance Fork Oil is a front suspension oil formulated for use in all suspension forks including those using cartridge and duel chamber systems. Through the use of carefully selected high-viscosity base oils, fade is.

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We'll stock all the best quality lubricants and other fluids required to keep your motorcycle running in tip top condition: BMW motorcycle engine oil, BMW motorcycle synthetic oil, gear oil, brake fluid, and the multitude of other oils and fluids made by your favorite top brands. BMW Type 4 Fork Oil for F750/850GS, F900, R Nine T & R18. 3. Silkolene Pro 4 XP 10W60 Engine Oil 4L 60098978. This is a fully synthetic oil that comes at a very unusual grade, which can be useful in certain cases. This 10W60 fully synthetic motorcycle oil is the best for places with really hot weather, which may require an oil with a really high grade Overview & Specs. One (1)Fork Oil - 1 Qt. Designed specifically for Indian Motorcycle®. Engineering approved. Resists oxidation, corrosion and foaming. Recommended With. Indian Motorcycles. Care And Cleaning. Please see your Indian Motorcycle® Riders Manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions Oct 26, 2018. Tiger 1050 takes 579cc 10w oil per leg from dry. With fork off the bike, spring installed and fully compressed there needs to be a 30mm air gap at the top. That's what the technical manual says. So top up with whatever is needed to get that 30mm air gap

Mobil1 V-Twin Motorcycle 20W-50 Full Synthetic Motor Oil , 1 Quart. 5.0 star rated product. (76 reviews) | #44925. 30 DAY REPLACEMENT IF DEFECTIVE. Excluded from discounts, except SpeedPerk rewards. VIEW DETAILS ». Part #44925 Ultimately, the best oil is the one that's changed regularly, and that meets the requirements set out by the bike manufacturer (a fully-synthetic oil is not always the best for your bike). There's no point in buying an oil that has a higher specification (viscosity, API or JASO rating) than is required, but the more expensive oils will most.

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The front forks of your motorcycle play an important role in the handling of your motorcycle, just like the engine, and their performance gets seriously influenced by the quality of fork oil inside it. As you ride your motorcycle, dust gets accumulated in its forks and the fork oil needs to be changed on a regular basis Andreani Misano Fork Cartridge Kit 105/K07 Kawasaki ER-6N 2006/2010. Maybe this is the root of the problem as earlier models have a softer front fork. When I changed my fork springs with year specific progressive ones my fork was still soft but much more informative and compliant Fuchs Silkolene RSF 15 Medium Heavy Weight Motorcycle Motorbike Fork Oil 1 Litre. 5 out of 5 stars. (8) 8 product ratings - Fuchs Silkolene RSF 15 Medium Heavy Weight Motorcycle Motorbike Fork Oil 1 Litre. £13.58 Taken right from the GPz1100 A series OEM suppliment manual: Front fork oil capacity: 244 mL. oil level: 216 mm +/- 2mm. Air pressure: 0-14 psi. Try to find a GPz1100 A1/A2 suppliment manual they are NLA, but they do pop up on ebay from time to time: Kawasaki p/n 99924-1038-01. W

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5 Best Oil for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. 1. Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. This is a 6 pack of 20w-50 synthetic oil designed for use in 4 cycle motorcycle engines. It is a versatile product that can also be used in the primary chain-case on the bike and in the transmission. Recommended Uses: This 20W-50 motor oil is. The 10 Best Fork Terminals 8,630 reviews scanned The 10 Best Cheap Fork Set Motorcycle Oil Seal Tool, MoreChioce Motorcycle Fork Oil Seal Tool Universal Motorbike Front 8. Find the Fork Oil & Suspension Fluids Motorcycle Chemicals at BikeBandit.com. The Web's most trusted source for Motorcycle fluids, oils, chemicals, cleaners, and more Brand / weight / model nominal weight Reported cSt @40C Reported cSt @100C Reported VI Recaclulated VI Viscosity/ Temperature Coefficient (VTC) VT (cSt@40/cSt@100 57,844 Posts. #15 · Jan 17, 2014. Most trackday org's typically have a suspension guy at the track to help with setup for new riders. For your bike since you're working with stock suspension I would set the oil height to 120mm, set the front forks flush with the top clamp and shim the rear shock with a 5mm washer

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Finally, clam shell them around your upper fork slider and secure them in place with a hose clamp. The hose clamp should be on the end of the fork seal driver furthest from the seal being driven - this will keep it out of the way as you are driving the seal into place. So that's it folks - how to make your own fork seal driver for under $4 I had my fork oil changed at the 15,000 service since I got a free service contract.The indian fork oil that came out looked dark & seemed to be thick for fork oil.The indian oem fork oil was red in color & looked like automatic transmission fluid.Only 1 qt was needed.I thought,wow the replacement oil is thin.Tell you what,the bike rides smooth.

The viscosity of fork oil plays a huge role in the damping effect of the forks, as a thicker oil will create more resistance as it is passing through the small orifices in the damping rod. Many feel that Harley knowingly uses an overly light fork oil since Touring bikes are meant to allow for long, comfortable stints in the saddle Step 3 - Replace Fork Oil. In my case, Race Tech recommended 15W Spectro Fork Oil. I had purchased 2 quarts of it ready for this project. I had also purchased the Stockton Tool fork oil gauge from Cycle Gear.. Matt Wiley at Race Tech suggested an oil level of 125mm measured with the fork spring OUT, Gold Valve IN, Chrome fork tube at BOTTOM of stroke, the distance from top of oil to top o 6. Type of Motorcycle Currently Riding: Vision. Savagio said: ↑. Gday, I have a 2012 Vision with about 20000 miles on it and I am wanting to change the fork oil as per schedule, the Seals are oil tight with no issues. After doing some research on this and other sites I am going to use Silkolene Pro RSF 10W in place of the Vic product as it is. The Ultimate Motorcycle Oil Cross Reference Guide. The cross-reference guide below offers an AMSOIL synthetic alternative for motorcycle and ATV engine and gearbox oils from over 50 oil brands, including the offerings from motorcycle makers. Oildepot offers a complete line of synthetic motorcycle oils that are a safe, reliable substitute for.

Penrite MC Fork Oils are a full synthetic, very high viscosity index fluids designed for motorcycle forks and other suspension systems. They use a special combination of synthetic base oils, viscosity modifiers, anti wear agents and extreme pressure additives to provide the highest level of performance whether it be competition or recreational usage Motorcycle fork oil is subjected to a very wide range of temperatures, even in normal touring use. In order to provide a consistently smooth fork action at all times, with optimum damping qualities it is advisable to stick to the fork manufacturers specification, normally you'll be able to find a viscosity or weight recommendation in your handbook 99880-73 Type B Fork Oil. STM #10 Suspension Fluid. 99884-80 Type E fork oil. AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil is a premium oil designed for those who demand the absolute best lubrication for their motorcycles. It is the result of extensive research and is specially formulated to excel in all areas unique to motorcycles.

In the grand scheme, motorcycle suspension systems are made up of springing and damping components. Springs are easy to imagine. They're just coiled steel wires shoved into the fork tubes or wrapped around shock bodies. Springs hold up the bike and support both the static load of the bike and the rider, but are also sized (or rated, if you prefer) to accommodate expected bump loads In general GS riders seem to be happier with a heavy fork oil (15W) in the left leg. This is probably due to the relatively large openings in the compression valving. For the right leg, 10W is popular. BMW specifies 470ml of oil in each side if the fork has been disassembled. For a regular change, it's 410 left and 440 right Bike fan Steve Spalding. RACQ technical officer Steve Spalding advises that owners should use quality branded oil and keep to the schedule for oil and filter changes as motorcycle engines place high demands on engine oils. Air-cooled engines, in particular, place a lot of stress on the oil in hot weather and stop-start traffic conditions Best Secondary Engine. 20W-50 -- Transmission. 20W-50 MVT Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Fluid: Primary Chain Case. MCV 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. 99880-73 Type B Fork Oil. STM #10 Suspension Fluid. 99884-80 Type E fork oil

When the oil level is raised: The air spring in the later half stage of travel is stronger, and thus the front forks harder. When the oil level is lowered: The air spring in the later half stage of travel is lessened, and thus the front forks are softer. The oil level works most effectively at the end of the fork travel Öhlins Motorcycle Front Fork Fluid R&T 1 Liter. Öhlins has developed high-quality oils for its shock absorbers, forks, and cartridge kits. They include a range of fork oils which will increase the performance of original telescopic and upside down forks. The different viscosities available make it possible to select the most suitable oil

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Motorbike fork oil from the worlds leading brands. Keeping your bikes suspension in top condition is a must, which is why we stock a full range of fork oil and suspension fluid for a variety of bikes and conditions. Price Range £4 - £21 Price Range Simply drag the slider bar to set your price range Maxima Air Filter Cleaner. $10.99 $20.95. Motul RBF660 Racing Brake Fluid. $31.12. Progressive Suspension Fork Oil. $13.95. Universal Fit. Universal Fit parts can be installed on various motorcycles and may require modification. Red Line Big Twin PowerPack For Harley An oil filter removes tiny particles from the oil, helping to keep the oil fresher and work to its best ability for longer. A new filter costs a few quid and it only takes a couple of minutes to change. We've put together this [manufacturer oil filter chart] to help you pick the best oil filter for your motorcycle

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Springs Welcome to the perfect world! A spring is an essential part of the motorcycle. It has to keep the motorcycle, with rider, passenger, luggage in the correct riding position and keep the wheels in contact with the road, while shifting up, while braking, while cornering, on the straight, in short, in every circumstance Worn or Broken Components . Worn components, such as tires, typically affect the handling of a motorcycle in a progressive, but negative, way. Besides an obvious lack of grip (particularly when wet weather riding), worn tires can also display poor balance and even patter.. Worn fork leg or shock seals will allow the damping oil to escape which is particularly dangerous with the case of the. Specializing in custom motorcycle parts and accessories for Chopper and Bobber motorcycles. Aftermarket parts for Harley Davidson Sportster, Triumph Bonneville, Yamaha XS 650 and many more. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS OVER $79.95 CASTROL FORK OIL 10W. Highly stable suspension oils formulated for use in motorcycle forks and shocks in both road and off-road bikes. Suitable for competition use. Available in three different grades; Fork Oil 5W (ISO VG 15), Fork Oil 10W (ISO VG 32) and Fork Oil 15W (ISO VG 46) Re: What type of oil best for 1997 750 honda magna and... Your motorcycle comes from Honda usually with 10w-40 mineral base motorcycle oil. You can use any oil that is JASO MA certified motorcycle oil. 10w-40 for cold climate. 20w-50 for warm climate/touring. Car oils use different additives and may cause scoring in certain types of cam bearings

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43x55x11 Motorcycle Front Fork Damper Shock 2Pcs Oil Seal & 2Pcs Dust Seal Kits (Fits: Victory V92C) $15.90. Was: $16.74. Free shipping Fork Oil For Bike And Scooter, Packaging Type: Bottle,Can. ₹ 320 / Litre. Gars Lubricants. German Racer Shocker Front Fork Oil With High Viscosity, Packaging Type: Bottle, 100. ₹ 70 / Litre. Jai Bharat Lubricants. GN Front Fork Oil, Liquid, 175 Ml 169 Posts. #4 · Mar 13, 2017. On my last bike I had the fork oil changed at the 2-year point and it handled better. I then changed it again 5-years after that. I have heard some say that the 1st change also gets rid of any debris, etc that may be residing in the oil after the initial build; not sure how true that is.. Shop Engine Oil & Lubricants in Maintenance at the Indian Motorcycle store

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