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In this full interview, Mob James recounts his experience at Death Row Records, which involves eye-witness accounts of many of the legendary stories revolvin.. Purchase John Alite's book - Darkest Hour: John Alite: Former Mafia Enforcer for John Gotti and the Gambino Crime Family- https://amzn.to/36kmAtiCheck out ht.. Part 1: https://youtu.be/qolV9p1W6aM-----In this clip, Godfrey addressed the criticism he's received from the Asian community over his comments about Nige.. Media The Legend, DON FRYE Full VladTV Interview 2020 Full Interview( Part 1,2 and 3) Discussion in ' UFC Discussion ' started by Buffmeister , Nov 15, 2020 . Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next >

VladTV // World's Leader in Urban News. X. 64. Cornel West Accuses Harvard of Spiritual Rot in Resignation Letter. 3,139 views. 11 Hrs Ago. 65. Quavo Stuns After Nearly Hitting Home Run at MLB All-Star Game. 10,305 views Aug 12, 2020 9:46 AM. 686 views • 22 comments. You can now hear Boosie's full interview in audio format on The VladTV Podcast here: Apple

0:00. 0:00 / 3:49. Live. •. In this VladTV flashback, DJ Vlad caught up with Webbie, who spoke about coming out of Louisiana, and pays respect to his predecessors like No Limit and Cash Money. The Baton Rouge rapper also gives Master P a special shout-out for making a Bad Chick remix. Lil Boosie joined the interview and spoke about rappers. Original 06/23/2020 2:34am: Dexter Sosa Hussey sat down for his first-ever VladTV interview, where he detailed meeting Big Meech in his early 20's and later joining him in the streets. After getting their start in Detroit, along with Meech's brother Southwest T, the three formed BMF or Black Mafia Family In a recent interview with online personality and Nation Of Islam spokesperson Rizza Islam, comedian Corey Holcomb criticized the platform VladTV as well as its host DJ Vlad Lyubovny, who some.

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White also noted the various digital platforms that have copied the VladTV blueprint before describing how his VladTV interviews have advanced his life personally, professionally, and politically. To hear more, check out the above clip. 2020 0. Music and video by longzijun. This videos features tracks 17 to 24 in the Free Music series of. In an exclusive interview on the Flip Da Script Podcast, Ab, whose real name is Abdul West, [] Lord Jamar Talks VladTV and The Casanova 2X Case Sam - @thewriterau_sam | December 23, 2020 [LISTEN] AR-Ab: My VladTV Interview Has Nothing to Do With Me Getting Locked Up. Sha Be Allah. December 24, 2020. feature, featured, Hip hop news, Hip Hop News. Sep 2 2020. Akon came through for another VladTV interview, and this time around, he went more in-depth on his story, including growing up in both the U.S. and Senegal. A clip from the start of the conversation went viral after Akon stated that he feels like Black people in America hold themselves back in some ways by focusing on slavery. He.

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Royce Da 5'9 Says DJ Vlad Triggered Juvenile's Young Buck Slander: 'Eliminate Vlad'. Published on: May 26, 2021, 12:13 PM. by Kyle Eustice. 28. It's no secret Royce Da 5'9 isn't a fan of. ccopeland. Posted on June 25, 2020 at 10:26 pm. DJ Vlad joins Nick Cannons mornings to discuss his new podcast, being a pivotal part of the culture, always being pro-black, some of his favorite interviews, the best advice he's ever received, and more. With everything being so race-driven, DJ Vlad talked about being white but always having. September 22, 2020 Last month, one of Vlad's interviews with Casanova was blamed for the rapper's recent arrest despite the fact Vlad's name was never mentioned in the FBI's indictment.

Fans On Twitter Blame Casanova's VladTV Interviews For FBI Indictment & Are Demanding A Boycott December 8, 2020 They're currently petitioning for supporters to contact Pennsylvania Governor Tom. Luenell on Chaka Khan Saying 'F***' Ariana Grande During Her VladTV Interview (Part 1) SHARE ON: Mr24Hour — January 16, 2021. In this clip, Vlad took the time to thank Luenell for conducting two of the biggest interviews to come out on the platform in 2020. Luenell detailed how Vlad fanned out during her interview with Chaka.

Video: The Feds Say Rapper Casanova's Interviews With VladTV About His Criminal Activities Led to His Arrest on Drug Kingpin Charges. By. Robert Littal. Published. December 8, 2020. 4.9k. VIEWS. Share Tweet Reddit Subscribe. I maybe in the minority here, but is this really Vlad's fault In an interview with boxer Zab Judah at VladTv, Tyson told about his fear and childhood memory in New York City. He explained about his bad things in childhood, and immediately Judah came the incident of U-God. He accepted that he did petty things at the age of 10. Further, Tyson said to him that he has enough money to give him back now Media The Legend, DON FRYE Full VladTV Interview 2020 Full Interview( Part 1,2 and 3) Discussion in ' UFC Discussion ' started by Buffmeister , Nov 15, 2020 . Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 Black Artists are boycotting VladTV. Brian Westbrook. September 21, 2020. Entertainment. Lord Jamar and Godfrey decide to leave VladTv.com due to Vlad's reluctance to apologize over misquoting The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Rapper Royce da 5'9 can be credited as the 1st person to publicly out Vlad for misquoting the minister

Since launching relatively early in YouTube's infancy in July 2006, DJ Vlad's YouTube Channel has gathered 4.36 million subscribes and amassed some 3.4 billion YouTube views with interviews. Vlad described the difficulty in scheduling Alpo for an interview before Faizon explained that Alpo is simply trying to enjoy his newfound freedom. To hear more, look at the above clip. Tagged : alpo , done' , faizon , hasn't , interview: , love' , news , part , vladtv , why , yet Share1Tweet1 Shares CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MEGA ONLYFANS LEAKED CONTENT/VIDEOS !!!! DJ Vlad has received a lot of criticism for allegedly misquoting Louis Farrakhan words about Jewish people on VladTV earlier this year. N.O.R.E also said he's not dealing with Vlad anymore and wants him to remove any interviews that he has with [ 8,763 Likes, 1,312 Comments - VladTV (@vladtv) on Instagram. Y'all a whole new breed from a funny world. My Dad taught me as a child, only 2 people can keep a secret and one of them gotta be dead After confirming Vlad does not work with the feds, Russo warned guests about implicating themselves during interviews. In addition, Vlad revealed how much has been paid in lawyer fees to prevent the authorities from seizing VladTV content. To hear more, view the above clip

NEW YORK - June 16, 2020 - VladTV, the world leader in hard-hitting interviews with rappers, athletes, actors, politicians and comedians, today announced the launch of The VladTV Podcast, a weekly Hip Hop culture show on iHeartRadio. New episodes will be available each Wednesday and are distributed by The iHeartPodcast Network. Listen now here 31 seconds ago Boosie on People Warning Him Not to Do Another VladTV Interview After Fake Casanova Story (Part 41) 43 seconds ago Wildfire-prevention goats in high demand in the U.S. 47 seconds ago SLIDESHOW: Tour de France Week 1 52 seconds ago Oakland A's: Cutouts For A Cure | SportsCenter 58 seconds ago Trump Slams Indictments Against Trump Organizatio VladTV just launched the first part of a Max B. interview. Max B. rose to fame in the mid 2000's as DipSet's Jim Jones sidekick. He was featured on many songs for example on Jim Jones' hit single We Fly High. After a fallout with Jim Jones, Max B. started doing mixtapes with a then unknown rapper French Montana In his discussion with QueenzFlip and DJ G Money he made it clear VladTV didn't get him booked. I'm tired of people saying my interviews with Vlad got me locked up and all this sh*t, he. During another VladTV interview clip, Muhammad opened up to about moving to Chicago to be near to the NOI headquarters and working with a security team for the NOI. He then shared a story about getting jumped one day while trying to help a woman that was being beaten and the woman later trying to stab him

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  1. November 13, 2020. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest *In a new interview with VladTV, Boosie Badazz reflects on his recent conversation with Mike Tyson,.
  2. During an interview with VladTV this weekend, Adam22 touched on some of the conversations he has had with rappers in the past, including Melly. Adam22 says one of the interviews went viral, including the one where he spoke with Melly with the two men the rapper was later accused of killing sitting right beside him. At the start of 2020, YNW.
  3. In an interview with VladTV, Boosie discussed his recent shooting and explained his stance on both his attackers and snitch culture. I would set 'em free, said Boosie. I live by a code, man.
  4. ating themselves in his interviews

He also scoffed at the notion Farrakhan would ever sit down with Vlad for an interview. 2020. RAPPERS STOP GOING ON @vladtv AND CANCEL @djvlad — MADELAW™ (@MLMGpromotion) September 22, 2020 In this clip, Godfrey addressed the criticism he's received from the Asian community over his comments about Nigerians being mistreated in China. Godfrey said during his last VladTV interview that black people need to take an eye-for-an-eye approach to other groups which many from the Asian community misconstrued as a threat or call to violence

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The new VladTV Podcast will feature new interviews with celebrities as well as classic content from VladTV's archives. The podcast's first episode features an in-depth interview with comedian DL Hughley. When I launched VladTV 12 years ago, I had one goal: to document the lives of important figures of this era, said Lyubovny In the latest clip, Boskoe100 reacted to Young Buck's VladTV interview explaining his transgender scandal. Boskoe expressed his belief that Young Buck wasn't being truthful and did engage in sexual activity with a transgender. He pointed out Buck's initial reaction to the scandal as well as Buck facing similar accusations

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Trump Admits We Didn't Win 2020 Election in Fox News Interview Fans were demanding a boycott of Vlad following Casanova's arrest in December, accusing VladTV interviews of being the reason why rappers were being indicted. December 8, 2020 Ayanna Jackson the woman who accused Tupac of rape in 1994 was interviewed on camera for the first time in 2018. This VLADTV interview was Jackson's first on camera interview since the alleged rape. Advertisement. DJ Vlad has been hit with much criticism, as many wonder whether or not Vlad should have given Jackson a platform to speak

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  1. The Nation of Islam goes after former DJ and media personality DJ Vlad for lying about Minister Louis Farrakhan and anti-Semitic remarks. Photo: Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan speaks at the Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, June 24, 2015, file photo
  2. Chaka Khan recently gave a wide-ranging interview to the YouTube channel VladTV. The Queen of Funk said she won't work with any female artists ever again, including Ariana Grande, whom she collaborated with on the 2019 Charlie's Angels soundtrack. F--- her, Khan quipped about Grande. Nah, she's all right, she's good on her own
  3. VladTV (@vladtv) added a video to their Instagram account: AR-Ab: My interviews with VladTV don't got nothing to do with me getting locked up. Vi
  4. December 25, 2020. Shemar Moore Tests Positive for COVID-19. Miss2Bees. December 25, 2020 [LISTEN] AR-Ab: My VladTV Interview Has Nothing to Do With Me Getting Locked Up. Sha Be Allah.
  5. August 16, 2020 Interview. posted on Aug. 16, 2020 at 10:09 pm. CELEBRITY NEWS - Mikey Finch Article. Akon sat down with Vladtv about his Locked Up remix with Tekashi 6ix9ine. The song received some backlash due to 6ix9ine's legal issues that led to him being categorized as a snitch. WWETV interviews with Hip Hop.
  6. s ·. In this clip, Jason Weaver detailed being offered $2 million by Disney just to sing in the Lion King. Jason spoke about his mom deciding to turn down the upfront money and negotiated royalties instead. The longterm payoff was worth it as Jason says he's made over $2 million in royalties from the film
  7. Description. Get the latest urban news, interviews and videos from VladTV.com as they break. All the content you come to expect from VladTV.com including Exclusives, Lists, Beef, Drama, MC Battles, Music and Breaking News is now part of our mobile app. You can search the VladTV archives, share stories on social media and comment on all stories

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  1. Lord Jamar came through for a special interview with VladTV to speak on the death of George Floyd and the protests that have followed. Jamar explained that while he has said that it's time for a revolution, he believes that the current situation has been planned to instate martial law on U.S. citizens
  2. In this VladTV full interview, BG Knocc Out sat down with Vlad to discuss a variety of topics. BG Knocc Out talked about Eazy-E, and gave some insight into the late rapper's personality along with his business moves. He also spoke on Suge Knight, and the decisions he made that landed him in prison
  3. December 21, 2020. Mike Tyson wasn't the only member of his family to confront rapper Boosie Badazz over transphobic comments made regarding Dwayne Wade 's daughter, Zaya, earlier this eyar. During an interview shared by VladTV on Saturday (December 20,) the legendary boxer said his daughter, who he described as violent, flew across the.
  4. Boosie Badazz said that his interview with Mike Tyson was weird, after he was confronted for his controversial comments about Dwyane Wade's daughter
  5. Vivica A. Fox is firing back at 50 Cent's girlfriend Cuban Link after she left a snarky comment regarding the actress' recent VladTV interview. via: Hot 97 Vivica A. Fox caused quite a stir on social media. During an interview with VladTV, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend, 50 Cent, is the love of her life

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  1. After a fantastic showcase of craftsmanship accompanied by an enormous viewership of over 1.5m streams on Ceek, for his Black Love virtual concert, Sarkodi
  2. em Is the Kobe Bryant of Hip-Hop. Although it's been almost a month since the sports world lost Kobe Bryant, rappers and fans alike are still mourning over the late Los.
  3. s ago Grassy Narrows First Nation secures $68.9M in funding for mercury care 4
  4. Vladtv Breaking Urban News John Witherspoon On Why He S Still Working At 76 I Like That Alden richards and bea alonzo are going to star in a movie together. december 14, 2020. food. fake honey is everywhere. here's how to tell if it is real or not. december 14, 2020. entertainment
  5. g out of Louisiana, and pays respect to his predecessors like No Limit and Cash Money. The Baton Rouge rapper also gives Master P a special shout-out for making a Bad Chick remix. Lil Boosie joined the interview and spoke about rappers taking over original songs by doing remixes
  6. Our incredible staff put out 6 new clips every day (including weekends and holidays) as well as a daily flashback and full interviews. Thank you to our loyal viewers, our guests, all the media outlets and social media accounts that posted our videos, and all the VladTV haters that gave us all that free promo

In this clip, Rich The Kid talked about what he'd tell his 16-year-old self and reacted to his first VladTV interview which was recorded nearly five years ago. Vlad also commended Rich The Kid for grinding his way to the position he aspired to years ago Author Topic: Darkchild at VLADTV talking about Brandy (Read 2212 times) long-timeBfan. Senior Star; Posts: 1956; Darkchild at VLADTV talking about Brandy « on: October 05, 2020, 04:56:08 PM Nice interview so far . Logged.

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DJ Vlad's biggest achievement is his website VladTV.com, which is a worldwide success and a leader in executive interviews. It is one of the greatest YouTube channels for quality daily content and urban news. DJ is a multi-talented person, has a great voice, and is famous for his direction of movies. Net Worth & Salary of DJ Vlad in 202 Interview: T.I. Talks Activism, Verzuz Battle, And His Desire To Produce A Biopic On His Life Before Fame Vibe A Pop Quiz The Root. Kanye West Reveals His First Time Ever Voting Will Be for Himself - VladTV November 3, 2020. Kanye West Reveals His First Time Ever Voting Will Be for Himself VladTV. These Rappers Claim They're Better Than.

In numerous interviews, Navy pilots revealed that they saw UFOs moving at hypersonic speeds, performing acts beyond the physical limits of a human crew, and emitting no visible engine or. Mr24Hour — January 22, 2020 In this clip, Lord Jamar opened up about getting to know ASAP Yams before his untimely death in 2015. He revealed that Yams was a fan of his VladTV interviews and Yams called him to speak to him twice 1,655 Likes, 107 Comments - VladTV (@vladtv) on Instagram: Mike Tyson interview coming soon. Conducted by Zab Judah for VladTV. Everything is discussed. 1.

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VladTV: Craig Hodges. CV Jun 28, 2020 # Craig Hodges, Interviews, it's bigger than... Interviews Yasiin Bey On Fighting Categorization. 1,308 Likes, 112 Comments - VladTV (@vladtv) on Instagra Young Buck details everything that happened prior to 50 Cent kicking him out of G-Unit. DJ Vlad has said that he believes his latest interview with Young Buck is one of his best yet, and it's very. See more of VladTV - Breaking Urban News on Facebook Post by Page. VladTV - Breaking Urban News. Today at 9:30 AM. NBA YoungBoy, Drake, Lil Baby Among Highest-Paid Artists of 2020. VladTV - Breaking Urban News. Breaking Urban News. Today at 7:40 AM. DJ Vlad Opened Up to Flavor Flav About Favorite Guest, Controversial Interviews. English. Did VladTV Get Casanova Busted By The FBI?! By papa keith Dec 9, 2020. Casanova is looking at life inprisonment and a legion of fans are convinced it was his interviews with DJ Vlad that got him pinched. Casanova turned himself in as one of 18 men hit with charges that included racketeering and conspiracy

Year. 2016. Origin. VladTV. Tags. rap, 21 savage, knife, tattoo. Additional References. Twitter Urban Dictionary. Issa is a phrase, slang for it's a, popularized by rapper 21 Savage when he used it in an interview with VladTV in 2016 A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Feb 10, 2020 at 10:09pm PST In an interview with Apple Music Beats 1 in October, the singer discussed her struggle with social anxiety Doja Cat told 'VladTV' in 2020 that she only recently found out about how talented a dancer her dad was. Born in 1995 in Tarzana, Calif., and partially raised in New York , Doja Cat reportedly started taking ballet, tap, and jazz classes at a young age

The Official Luenell on Jada & August, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones, Nick Cannon, Trump, Kanye, Kim K (Full Interview) The Official Luenell on Jada & August, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones, Nick Cannon, Trump, Kanye, Kim K (Full Interview) Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. VladTV - Breaking Urban News posted an episode of. I had no idea the problem he highlights is a major issue in the AA community until I watched his videos. Watched his most recent one yesterday in fact. All the baby mamas he interviews claim they're 8/10 in looks and making 6 figures

FULL MATCH - Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak: WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Guerilla Black on the death of his first wife (pt.4) Fans On Twitter Blame Casanova's VladTV Interviews For FBI Indictment & Are Demanding A Boycot In this VladTV full interview, Fredo Bang spoke on a variety of topics including the murder of Gee Money and details surrounding it, facing 40 years in prison, and Kodak Black. Along with that, Fredo Bang spoke about hip hop accepting gay rappers, rappers needing therapy, and more In a new interview with Vlad TV, Aaron Carter touched on his theory regarding Michael Jackson's controversial habit of hanging around young kids. Fans of Carter know he is just another example of a child star who fostered a reputation for himself as a bad boy later in his career.. These days, Carter is 32-years-old, and he has found himself in the headlines for a number of reasons, many of. VladTV - Breaking Urban News posted an episode of John Salley — with John Salley. 1 hr · John Salley Speaks About Reptilian Race & Giants, Vlad Threatens to Walk Out (Part 4

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Akon recently revealed in a VladTV interview he had to the chance to sign Drizzy back in 2005, but passed because Drake sounded more like Eminem. Kardinal Offishall brought him [Drake. A collision occurred years ago when Mo'Nique visited The Breakfast Club. Rewatching the footage shows a cringeworthy moment when the Academy Award-winning actress confronts Charlamagne Tha God for. 1,265 Likes, 83 Comments - VladTV (@vladtv) on Instagram: Mob James accepts Boskoe100's apology he made during his VladTV interview