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Mix Varieties of Clematis Plants for an Array of Color, Flowers, & Bloom Seasons. Shop Spring Hill Nursery's Fall Collection of Clematis + Save up to 15% on Select Item Explore Holland Bulb Farms® Variety Of Clematis Shop & Save Today Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom'. SKU. 05619. 5.0 star rating. 1 Review. Superb evergreen foliage and an abundance of fragrant, pale pink, apple blossom-like blooms in brilliant clusters create interest all year long. Large sprays of pale pink, vanilla-scented, spring flowers, deeper pink in bud, backed by the leathery green leaves

Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' Previous Next One of the most popular evergreen clematis, award-winning Clematis 'Apple Blossom' is a very large climber with masses of delightful, almond-scented flowers, 2 in. across (5 cm), and a splendid foliage Clematis armandii. 'Apple Blossom'. Photos courtesy of Moonik. Hundreds vanilla-scented blooms cover this evergreen, fast-growing vine! Rosy buds burst into an abundance of bee and butterfly attracting, delicate pale pink 2.5 blooms all thru Springtime. The twining tendrils rapidly grow to 15' with beautiful two-toned foliage as the.

Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom'PINK EVERGREEN CLEMATIS. Glossy leathery foliage is attractive all year but in late springing its 2-3 pale-pink (deeper mauve on reverse, lightly-fragrant) flowers in profusion put this 15-30' vine in its glory... a highlight of spring! S-PSh/M Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' at Digging Dog Mail Order Nursery. Lolling upon vigorous, yet slightly tender, polished foliage, vanilla-scented, eye-catching clusters of white saucer-shaped 2 to 2 ½ in Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' Evergreen Clematis. Evergreen vine. Dark green foliage contrasts with exquisite pink buds opening up to white blooms resembling apple blossoms. Unstoppable vanilla fragrance and bloom strength make this vine a landmark in the garden. Regular water needs in well-drained soil once established Apple Blossom Clematis is a multi-stemmed evergreen woody vine with a twining and trailing habit of growth. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition I planted Clematis Armandii 'Apple Blossom' last summer on an arbor over a gate. It wintered over very well and just bloomed for the first time. Wow! It is now on my favorite plants list. The buds look like little pink pearls. Then they open into a profusion of light pink flowers about 1.5 inches across. The fragrance is lovely

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Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom'. Almond-scented whitish-pink early spring flowers, narrow green leaves emerge with a bronze-tinge. Plant next to a house entrance or well worn path, allowing plenty of space for the plant to grow An evergreen climber with fragrant blossoms. These are what make the Clematis armandii Apple Blossom in a nursery pot so unique. It is one of the few climbing plants that stays green. The clematis is excellent for creating a barrier that no one can see through. Let the clematis climb up a boring wall or bare partition Set against the glossy evergreen foliage early spring greets the visitor with masses of light rose colored flower buds. Bursting open they are a soft shell pink with darker pink undersides. Adding to the display the flowers are highly fragrant with the scent of vanilla. Our plants are staked to 3 feet with numerous upright leaders. Filtered to full sun in well drained soils

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Clematis armandii Apple Blossom is offered in a 3/4 gallon size with free shipping! It is a rarely seen selection of Clematis armandii with pink buds that open to soft pink, sweetly fragrant flowers in spring. Flowers mature white. Size: 3/4 Gallon Shipping: Free! Hardiness Zones: 7 to 9 Height: 25 feet Bloom period Clematis amandii 'Apple Blossom'. White flowers that break open from apple pink buds make Clematis amandii 'Apple Blossom' a must have fragrant climbing plant. This is a fairly vigorous plant evergreen climbing plant so give it room to grow and something to climb on. Left to its own devices it can reach 8 to 10 metres in height Bought 4 climbing plants on line - all arrived superbly packaged and well potted as promised - the Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom is an absolutely superb evergreen plant - currently mid March and covered in wonderful blooms - have no hesitation in recommending Thorncroft. Related Products I have been trying, to no avail, to obtain a clematis Armandii Apple Blossom, since last summer. I couldn't find one then, and assumed I just had to wait till spring. I left requests with a couple of nurseries (won't name them), who never suggested I could, or needed to, make a special order

armandii Common name Armand Clematis Moisture Moist but Well-drained Size 1 x 2 litre pot Aspect Part Shade Spread 6.0m (20ft) Description. The famous evergreen clematis, which flowers in early spring. This is an unusual variety with a pink flush to its petals, like apple blossom, and an extraordinary scent. Care Tips. Pruning Group 1 - no. Clematis armandii is a vigorous, evergreen clematis, bearing a profusion of almond-scented, star-shaped cream-white flowers from March to April.It's perfect for growing against a sunny west or south-facing wall. Evergreen, it retains its glossy mid-green leaves throughout the year

Clematis armandii is named in honor of a French missionary, Père Armand David (1826-1900). In England, Ernest Wilson introduced the vine into cultivation in 1900. This species is native to China Clematis armandii (also called Armand clematis or evergreen clematis) is a flowering climbing plant of the genus Clematis.Like many members of that genus, it is prized by gardeners for its showy flowers.It is native to much of China (except the north and extreme south) and northern Burma.. In cultivation. C. armandii bears fragrant 2.5-inch white flowers in spring on the previous year's growth Clematis armandii Apple Blossom. Vigorous evergreen variety, best grown on a south or west aspect. Clematis Apple Blossom has highly scented white tinged pink flowers. Prune after flowering Leaves trifoliate coriaceous (leathery) white evergreen. October-November (xA) Smaller than Cl. armandii and later flowering. Is a semi-evergreen species which sometimes is flowering throughout the winter with us, as well as flowering spring and autumn, and often seems to be dormant or semi-dormant during midsummer (often believed dead)

Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' pruning: group 1. 400-500 cm. III - IV. Z - HS . 4-6 cm. Yes-10°C. Clematis armandii 'Bowl of Beauty' pruning: group 1. 400-500 cm. III - IV. Z - HS . 4 cm. Yes-10°C. Clematis armandii 'Hendersonii Rubra' pruning: group 1. 400-500 cm. III - IV. Z - HS . 5 cm. Yes-10°C. Clematis armandii 'Little White Charm. The elegant pink flowers of the Apple Blossom have a pretty contrast with the yellow heart in the centre. The montana Rubens grows many small, pale pink flowers with yellow stamens. The stunning, white flowers of the Armandii contrast nicely with the dark green, leathery leaves

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  1. clematis (group 1) ( syn. Clematis armandii Apple Blossom ) £34.99. 2 lt pot (40cm cane) £34.99. 2 lt pot (40cm cane) £34.99. Quantity. in stock (shipped in 3-5 working days) Buy
  2. Apple Blossom Clematis Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' SKU: TL-clap. USDA Zone: 4 to 9. Watering Needs: Let dry between waterings. Sun Needs: Full sun. Dark green leathery evergreen foliage with lightly scented pink buds which open to pale pink flowers in March & April. Perfect for covering a trellis or arbor
  3. Clematis 'Apple Blossom' (Ar) provides almond-scented, whitish-pink, early spring flowers - like Apple Blossom! - and green leaves, emerging bronze-tinged. Plant next to an entrance or path for maximum enjoyment of the sweetly scented flowers! This is an armandii type clematis named for Father Armand David (1826-1900), a Jesuit missionary and.
  4. g in spring to control size, otherwise no pruning is needed. We have had a terrible winter and my armandi Apple blossom, which was planted last year has snapped off completely from the top of the root. which means the two biggest stems bearing the whole plant has broken.
  5. Clematis armandii Apple Blossom greeting card LeighAnnGaleArt $ 2.96. Add to Favorites Apple Blossom Spring Decorations, Spring table Decoration, Spring Flower Decor, Blossom Decorations, Rustic table decor, Spring Wedding EmmaRosaArtist 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Clematis 'Apple Blossom' Pink buds produce pink, changing to white, scented flowers. Anthers creamy white to yellow. Needs shelter from wind. The evergreen foliage starts bronze but turns dark green with age. 'Appleblossom'; armandii 'Apple Blossom' Further detail
  2. Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' has superb evergreen foliage that looks good all year round, accompanied by large sprays of whitish pink, vanilla-scented flowers, deeper pink in bud, in early.
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  1. Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' Saved by Terry Slater Bakewell. 752. Beautiful Gardens Beautiful Flowers Garden Cottage Dream Garden Garden Planning Garden Projects Garden Inspiration Garden Plants Perennials
  2. clematis (group 1) ( syn. Clematis armandii Apple Blossom ) Eventual height & spread. Clematis 'Apple Blossom' clematis (group 1) ( syn. Clematis armandii Apple Blossom ) in stock (shipped in 3-5 working days) 2 lt pot (40cm cane) £34.99 Add to basket. Delivery options. Standard; Next / named day.
  3. The Apple Blossom is a beautiful and unusual evergreen Clematis. It produces gorgeous, almond scented flowers with delicate pale pink petals and mid-green leaves. Preferring to be planted in a sheltered south or west facing site, this versatile plant can be grown on walls, frames, around a house entrance or along a well worn path
  4. Clematis armandii Apple Blossom. Perfumed evergreen Clematis armandii Apple Blossom. Clematis hybrid Huldine. Clematis hybrid Huldine. 20170925_110054.jpeg. We send plants by mail except to WA, NT and Tas. 20180227_081101.jpeg. Young Clematis getting ready for winter. 20180404_152339.jpeg
  5. e (red) - blush pink, tinted white. Cream anther

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  1. Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom As one of the most popular evergreen clematis, Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom is a climber best known for its masses of gorgeous, apple blossom like flowers which gave it its name. An early flowering variety, Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom will produce blooms in early to mid-spring, and the masses of flowers will remain on the twining stems for 2 to 4 weeks
  2. g in spring. Clematis armandii in Flower, UK. Plants, Flowers, Clematis armandii, White star-shaped symmetrical flowers of the climbing plant Armand clematis. White, early spring flowers of the evergreen.
  3. Clematis armandii Apple Blossom is one of the most popular evergreen climbers. It produces an abundance of pink buds with deeper pink flushes, which open out to four or five petalled pale pink flowers in spring. The flowers will gradually fade from pale- pink to white as they mature

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Discover short videos related to clematis armandii apple blossom on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Beth(@goodvibeswithbeth), Sisa_Flowers(@sisa_flowers), ClariceMcFu€Knut(@claricemcfucknut), Clematis(@clematis_the_floof), michaellong525(@michaellong525) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #misapplemiss, #iamsimplemaris Clematis armandiii 'Apple Blossom-evergreen,4,5-6m. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select

An improved form of Clematis armandii due to the pink flush of the petals but still with the great evergreen foliage and strong delightful sweet almond fragrance from the huge quantity of flowers produced. Ideal way to cover an ugly wall or shed, early flowering, plant with a summer flowering clematis to lengthen period of floral display! Plant in a warm spot in the garden where it will be. From China An early flowering evergreen, vigorous clematis, 'Apple Blossom' produces saucer shaped, almond-scented pale pink single flowers, which fade to nearly white as the seasons pass, and contrast beautifully with the glossy green foliage, which emerges bronze tinted. Flowers emerge in spring, placing this Clematis in Group 1

Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' 2L by Eazy Plants. Earn 0 reward points with this product. 'Apple Blossom' is a large, vigorous evergreen climber with leathery, bright, dark green trifoliate leaves, tinged bronze when young, and fragrant white flowers tinged pink are 5-6.5cm across opening from deep pink buds, and fading to near white, early. Both armandii and armandii Apple Blossom produce star shaped, four or five petalled flowers in early spring. The flowers are surrounded by plenty of handsome, long, lance-shaped waxy leaves which will provide a year round protective screen against stark walls or fences Clematis armandii Apple Blossom Clematis Apple Blossom{/boxplus}Evergreen, and vigorous climber, with single fragrant white to pink flowers, new foliage been bronze in colour and becoming glossy green with age. Great for covering walls or fence lines. Full-Sun to Part-Shade. Grows up tp 6 meters

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28. £11.99. Clematis Armandii Appleblossom Evergreen Climbing Plant in a 15cm Pot. 2.8 out of 5 stars. 4. £24.99. Clematis Napaulensis Old Man's Beard Hardy Perennial Unique Winter Flowering Climbing Plant Low Maintenance Fragrant Yellow Bell Flowers Clematis forrestii 1 x 7cm Pot by Thompson and Morgan. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 12 Clematis armandii Apple Blossom . Features. Height & Width. 21' x 10' (6.5m x 3m) Plant Colour. White/Cream. Clusters of deep pink flower buds open to pinky-white flowers with a good perfume. A superb evergreen climber that requires free draining soil and sunny aspect to enhance perfume. March to may. Tidy prune Clematis are divided into three pruning groups, as follows: Group 1 clematis flower on wood created the previous year. They therefore don't require any pruning at all. Group 2 clematis also flower on the previous year's growth and should be lightly pruned in February. Simply remove damaged or weak stems to make way for fresh growth

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Clematis, Apple Blossom, 5 gal. Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom'/ Evergreen/ Partial Shade to Shade/ Mature vining habit of 20-25' long/ Zone 7-9/ Fragrant, apple-blossom pink blooms in spring/ A great evergreen vine for shady areas. $69.95 Plant database entry for Clematis (Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom') with 14 images, one comment, and 31 data details

Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' Evergreen Virgin's Bower or Leather Flower Zone: 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b. Exposure: Part Shade. Plant Category: Groundcovers & Climbing Plants. Height: Maximum 15 feet Report a problem. This selection has very soft pink fragrant flowers with a vanilla scent. The flower buds are almost rose and the petal. Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom Clematis #1 Container. 63428-101. Available. 0. YOUR PRICE. Call branch for pricing at 425-644-5577. Call branch for pricing at 425-644-5577. Non-Stocked Item. Special Order Only. Check Other Stores. This item is not stocked nearby. If you need this item now, you can Check In Stock items at Other Stores in your. Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' Scientific Name Common Name(s) Family: Ranunculaceae Type: Woody plant Common: Apple Blossom Armand's clematis Location: Riverbanks Zoo & Botanical Garden, Columbia S

Clematis Armandii 'Apple Blossom' today, February 19, 2018. Wants to bloom. It's grown 10-12 feet. 3w. columbiariver @ShelleySnyder oops. Tag, you're it. 3w. ShelleySnyder. Oh wow!! That little bugger is loaded!! 10 to 12ft. From how tall was it when you got it?. Clematis (Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom') Available within 2 weeks Medium to fast growth rate. 3 long dark green leaflets to each leaf. Pale pink flowers. Growth: 3m High Size when shipped: 60-80cm Size: 2/3 litre po

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Clematis » Clematis armandii apple blossom . Clematis armandii. No comments yet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here... Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.. But here they are, creamy white in an unnamed form and aptly shot with pink in the selection named Apple Blossom. Clematis armandii is a difficult plant to look after as its fresh, rangy growth. Group: Armandii group Fragrant: Yes Approximate height: 5.0 -7.0 metres Flowering period(s): Mar Apr May Aspect: Sunny USDA zones: 7 8 9 Pruning: No pruning (Group 1) Parentage: armandii x unknown Other name(s): 'Appleblossom'; armandii 'Apple Blossom' Further detail: Flower diameter: 4-6c

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Apple Blossom Clematis is a multi-stemmed evergreen woody vine with a twining and trailing habit of growth. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition. This is a relatively low maintenance woody vine Clematis armandii in full bloom. Clématite d'armand ou clematis armandii 'apple blossom' la fragrance au summum. I planted clematis armandii 'apple blossom' last summer on an arbor over a gate. It wintered over very well and just bloomed for the first time. See more ideas about clematis, clematis armandii, clematis vine Evergreen Clematis Gives You Fragrant Blooms This enthusiastic climber is a spectacular evergreen vine that is beautiful whether in bloom or not! Your Armandii Clematis evergreen vine becomes even more appealing as blossoms appear in early spring. You see a blanket of creamy white, star shaped flowers that also fill the air with a heady perfume that will knock your socks off! These unique.

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Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' staat het liefst in de zon of halfschaduw op een goed doorlaten en kalkrijke bodem. Deze heester verdraagt een temperatuur tot -15 °C. Planteigenschappen. Herkomst. Gewasgroep Heesters. Familie Ranunculaceae. Herkomst Cultivar. Vorm / Maat. Natuurlijke vorm. Sep 30, 2012 - More information about Clematis 'Apple Blossom' at Bakker.com. 100% Flowering Guarantee Fresh products Special Protective Packaging Order online now

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Clematis armandii Apple Blossom. Stock Status: 3. £19.99. Including Tax: £3.33. Quantity. Add To Cart. Description; This evergreen climber has fragrant, white with pink blush, saucer shaped blooms. Undersides darker pink and fade to very light pink. Leaves bronze - green when young. Prefers sunny position Clematis 'Apple Blossom' Sold Out for 2021: 0: $30.00 150-273-1: Clematis 'Arabella' SOLD OUT: 0: $30.00 150-296-1: Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift' 25: $30.00 150-107-1: Clematis 'Asao' 8: $30.00 150-146-1: Clematis 'Ascotiensis' NOT AVAILABLE 2021: 0: $30.00 150-152-1. Clematis armandii - 'Apple Blossom': Evergreen clematis produces impressive large leathery dark green foliage, providing all year round foliage interest and, if tied in to trellis - a fast evergreen screen

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Clematis armandii Apple Blossom je jedan od najpopularnijih zimzelenih klematisa koji postoji. Miris ove sorte je se veoma snažan i sličan bademu, a ponekad da ga je moguće osetiti i pre nego što vidite cvet. Armandii Apple Blossom ima na stotine cvetova koji počinju sa svetlom nijansom roze i polako prelaze u belu.Lišće je veoma slično listu lovora. Voštanog izgleda, lišće se. Truffaut - Clematis armandii Apple Blossom: ctr de 3 Litres. Cette liane persistante et vigoureuse offre une floraison précoce et généreuse dès la fin de l'hiver. Les fleurs rosées sentent la vanille. Se montre plus rustique que les autres C. armandii clematis (group 1) ( syn. Clematis armandii Apple Blossom ) 5 5 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star ( 4 reviews) Write review PL00001552 2 lt pot (40cm cane) £34.99 Checkbo Clematis dislike soils that are particularly wet or dry. Such soils can be improved by the addition of plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost. When growing clematis in patio containers use a soil based compost such as John Innes No.3. Train Clematis armandii plants onto a suitable support such as trellis, wires or a large pergola